Carving Out Time…

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…to make art! I find this to be one of my biggest challenges right now. 

The hours of my day are pretty filled. I get up to get ready and then go to work. I put in a full day, then it’s time to go pick up my toddler from daycare. Then there’s dinner and family time. After that, it’s clean up, possibly go for a walk to get exercise, and then time to get the my son ready for bed. Once that’s all finished and my son is asleep, there’s a little left to watch a show before going to bed. Hit repeat for another four days. My weekends are somewhat more flexible, but we try to get out of the house or there are errands to do. If my teenager is with us, then I engage with him and he’s included in our daily rituals. Now I’m not complaining, I’m just stating the facts. 

However, I do try to squeeze art making into my life as much as possible. Sometimes it’s in the morning, before work. Other times, it’s after my son is down for the night. Making art is also another way I relax and relieve stress. It focuses my mind and I lose myself. At least for a little while. This includes the weekends as well, when I watch my son in the morning while my wife sleeps. 

There are exceptions, though. For instance my toddler fell asleep on the way home after I picked him up from daycare. So I’m using this opportunity to write my weekly blog post. I also carry my sketchbook wherever I go, so if the opportunity presents itself, I draw then. My best fries and I occasionally have a “play date” and I can use that time as well. 

There are times, when I’m not as tired, and I have bursts of inspiration. I may do as many as three to four drawings or one digital painting. In those cases, I can get a lot done.

Ultimately, it’s about a passion for doing something that you love and finding time to fit it in to your daily life. It’s no different than making time to go to the gym or jogging or doing whatever it is that lights you up and feeds your soul. It’s not only an outlet and a way to express yourself, but it’s also a for of taking care of yourself.

It’s not always easy and it can often involve some juggling. But if it’s something that makes you happy and it’s important to you, then you will carve out the time. 

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