What’s Next? Selling my artwork online!

selling art online

Now that I have a few blog posts under my belt, it’s time for me to focus on getting my online store up. My original goal had been for April 1, 2016. Well, life has gotten in the way, as it sometimes does, so I’m going to push my launch date to May 1st. That’ll give me a little more time to prepare my files for print. 

As for my online store, I’ve chosen two options out of the many available. After doing some research, which you can find here, I decided to go with Big Cartel and Printful. Big Cartel lets you customize the look of your online shop and add your website domain to it, all for $9.99 a month. They don’t even take a percentage of the profits, unlike some of the others. After doing my research, which you can find my sources here, I decided that this was a good option for me since I am just starting out. As for Printful, they carry the products and they drop ship, which means I don’t house anything and the customer can order on demand. You can also customize the label to fit your brand. Printful has set prices for their products, so you have to mark up to make a profit. The others reasons that I like them, is that they give you example of how to set your prices, they offer tutorials and the site integrates with Big Cartel. In my mind, it’s a win-win!

So that’s all for now. Its time for me to prep my files so that I can upload and open up my shop. 

Stay tuned!

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